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Nurturing Postpartum Recovery in Eastern Suburbs Melbourne With HealMe

The postpartum period is crucial for both mother and child. It’s a time of tremendous healing, change, and responsibility. Therefore, taking extra care of yourself after the delivery is paramount for your overall health and well-being. HealMe acknowledges the fact that after-birth love is as necessary as your prenatal care. That’s why we bring you one of the best postpartum recovery services in Eastern Suburbs Melbourne. It includes massage therapy, nutritional guidance, emotional support for healing, and much more.

One in around seven women can develop postpartum depression (PPD). Without proper support, the situation can get worse. It can severely affect women’s strength to return to their true selves. Our specialised postnatal recovery service in Eastern Suburbs Melbourne solely focuses on your healing. We always take into account your distinct preferences and needs. The experts at our clinic ensure that both mother and child are well taken care of in this vital period.

What Is Postpartum Recovery?

Proper recovery after giving birth is important for women’s physical and emotional well-being. The first six weeks after delivering the baby are generally considered as a post-natal period. At this time, a woman needs various kinds of support, including:

  • Physical healing through massage, gentle exercises, etc.

  • Emotional well-being through interactive counselling

  • Nutrition advice for faster recovery

Postpartum Recovery Services We Offer

Your body goes through a lot after childbirth. From hormone fluctuations to new levels of tiredness, you may experience drastic changes. Similarly, postpartum healing also takes time. At HealMe, we help women transition into motherhood with ease by providing them with both emotional and physical benefits. Our services allow their body to rest and recover fully. Mentioned below are the ways of how we assist new moms during their after-delivery period:

  • Postpartum Massage Therapy :

    Do you know the levels of oestrogen and progesterone hormones can decrease significantly post-delivery? A massage is proven to be of great help as it can help improve postpartum hormone balance. Our calming after-birth massage can help offer several benefits, including:

    • High level of relaxation

    • Reduced stress, anxiety, and mood swings

    • Relief from body aches and other chronic to severe pain

    • Decreased swelling

    • Removal of excess fluids and waste products

    • Proper hormone regulation

    • Better sleep

    • Increased milk production

  • Nutritional Guidance for Healing :

    Proper nutrition is important for both mother and infant. During postpartum recovery, your body needs a balanced and healthy diet for quicker relief. It is key to regaining strength to attain the pre-pregnancy state and breastfeed the newborn. Our professionals can guide you on the types of foods you need to consume during this period. Since every woman’s body is unique, so does its requirements. Hence, we aim to provide personalised service, ensuring you and your baby receive adequate nutrition.

  • Gentle Exercise Programs :

    Caring for your physical health after childbirth is something your body needs to get better. However, it’ll largely depend upon the type of delivery. We provide gentle exercise programs for a normal birth or C-section recovery. It can safely include:

    • Belly Breathing :

      A good technique to help re-coordinate your breathing throughout the body.

    • Pelvic Floor Exercises :

      Women tend to gain weight during pregnancy, which can increase strain on pelvic floor muscles. Our exercises are targeted strengthening moves to make the pelvic region stronger.

    • Kegel :

      They include light movements to tone the muscles that support your uterus, bowel, and bladder.

  • Light Stretches :

    Yoga stretches, such as the happy baby pose and other gentle exercises that help loosen tight pelvic floor muscles. They can be done at least twice a week.

  • Walking :

    This is a low-impact exercise that can be easily integrated into your postpartum routine. Not only does it promote cardiovascular fitness, but it also provides an opportunity for gentle movement and fresh air.

  • Emotional Support and Counselling :

    Physical healing is important, nevertheless, you should not neglect your emotional well-being during motherhood. Childbirth can trigger a lot of emotions. Troubled sleeping, mood swings, anxiety, and crying spells are some symptoms you may experience. Though baby blues can go away within a few weeks, seek a counsellor’s help if these symptoms persist. Our compassionate professionals are here to listen and guide you every step of the way.

  • Postpartum C-section Recovery :

    A woman’s body takes a toll after caesarean delivery. Hence, we assist new moms in recovering quickly with the help of our helpful practices. They include:

    • C-section scar healing massages

    • Guidance on nutrition

    • Emotional support

Benefits of Postpartum Care

New mothers undergo a multitude of physical challenges and changes during the postpartum period. From fatigue and soreness to pelvic floor dysfunction, many difficulties they have to go through. At HealMe, our postpartum healing methods aim to provide relief and support so that mothers embrace this journey with confidence and ease. The benefits of choosing our postpartum care are:

  • Faster healing and recovery

  • Reduced risk of complications

  • Support for bonding

  • Improved mental well-being

  • Better sleep quality

  • Confidence boost in healing and caring for baby

  • Enhanced breastfeeding experience

  • Reduced postnatal depression symptoms

  • Feel better rested

Why Choose Us for Postpartum Recovery?

New mothers need appropriate recovery after birth as they regain their pre-pregnancy state and get stronger. HealMe understands the importance of additional care in this phase. Therefore, we lend our support to them so they adjust to their new life happily. Our trained postpartum care professionals can assist you with the necessities to improve your physical and mental well-being.

The fundamental goal of our services is to optimise the health of women and infants. Plus, they are tailored to match each woman’s individual needs. Not just this, you can even personalise your visit timings as per your comfort.

Contact Us to Revitalise Your Postpartum Journey Today

If you’re looking for a reliable postpartum recovery service in Eastern Suburbs Melbourne. in Eastern Suburbs Melbourne, we’re here to help. Call us on 03 9686 6686 or 0468 837 286 to discuss your requirements with us. You can also email us at


It can take months for you to fully recover from pregnancy and childbirth. It depends upon the individual’s health, body requirements, and expectations. Chances are you might feel recovered by 9-10 weeks, for some, it may take longer to feel like themselves again. Hence, it’s better to consult a professional who can help you with a faster and healthier recovery. Call us on 03 9686 6686 or 0468 837 286 to book with our experts.

After giving birth, you may experience discomfort in the perineal area, stretch marks, swelling, mood swings, etc. Our services include massage therapy, guidance on nutrition, postnatal care, and improving your mental well-being. So, you may experience many positive changes like:

  • Better sleep
  • Reduced stretch marks and swelling
  • Improved mood
  • Increased breast milk production
  • Regained strength
  • Muscle toning

Reduced swelling is one of the major benefits of our massage therapy for postnatal recovery. Aside from this, it can encourage the circulation and draining of excess fluid in the body. You might also feel less mood swings and develop a better sleep routine.

Yes, we have a team of skilled postpartum care therapists who can support your physical and mental well-being. They have proper training and years of experience to help new mothers transition well into motherhood. Get in touch with us to talk to our therapists.

We recommend you start receiving the services for postnatal recovery within 1-3 weeks after delivery. The sooner the recovery starts, the better response you’ll receive from your body.

Many factors come into play for a new mother’s body to fully recover after birth. Hence, the number of sessions will vary depending on individual health conditions and needs. Ideally, the first six weeks after the delivery are considered as the postpartum recovery period. So, you might consider taking 1 or 2 appointments per week to get better healing results.

Postpartum depression and sleep deprivation often go hand-in-hand. Our services include massage therapy and emotional support counselling, which can help you with insomnia and attain a good night’s sleep.

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