Full Body Massage and Laser Facial Treatments in Hawthorn

Taking time out for relaxation in the chaos of our hectic lives is a necessity. A full body massage may offer many health benefits that go far beyond pampering. This procedure helps reduce stress, improve immune function, and minimise muscle soreness.

As it requires a deep understanding of the body’s pressure points, consult only professionals to reap its benefits. At HealMe Beauty & Health Center, we have qualified massage therapists to offer personalised treatments in Hawthorn. As a trusted health and beauty centre, we offer postpartum care, remedial massages, and various skin-rejuvenating services.

Our advanced facial treatment is one of the popular methods that may solve your numerous skin concerns. This process addresses fine lines, wrinkles, pigmentation, acne scars, and tired skin. As a result, you can get more youthful, radiant, and glowing skin. Stay assured, we’ll provide tailored laser treatment depending on your skin type and condition.

We Offer Various Moxibustion Treatments in Hawthorn

Moxa therapy is one of the best drug-free alternatives to help boost immunity and reduce the duration of colds and flu. This procedure may promote blood flow and the body’s vital energy, which can be helpful for chronic pain. At HealMe, we offer the following kinds of Chinese moxibustion in Hawthorn:

  • Direct Moxibustion

    The ignited moxa cone is placed onto your targeted area to cause the skin to burn. It has two types; the first is non-scarring direct moxibustion that doesn’t lead to skin blistering. Conversely, in the scarring direct moxibustion, the moxa cone is kept on your skin till it blisters.

  • Indirect Moxibustion

    Our practitioners use a moxa stick or box an inch away from your skin to perform indirect moxibustion. It is done until the desired heating effect is achieved.

  • Warm Needle Moxibustion

    We usually combine acupuncture needles with moxibustion which may provide the positive effects of both procedures.

  • Smokeless Moxibustion

    Here, carbonised and odourless mugwort leaves are burned near your body for pain relief.

  • Partitioned Moxibustion

    In this technique, we combine moxa cones with TCM formula herbal cakes to attain the desired health benefits.

Explore Our Acupuncture Therapy in Hawthorn

If you’re looking for a drug-free alternative to help alleviate chronic pain, acupuncture therapy can be an ideal choice. At HealMe in Hawthorn, we have a team of qualified practitioners who can customise a treatment plan to suit your needs. Before we begin the procedure, we conduct some tests to assess your health conditions. Accordingly, we devise a plan that may bring the desired results you seek.

Our specialists use sterile steel needles to perform Chinese acupuncture therapy. For individuals who have sensitive skin, we recommend alternative low-intensity laser acupuncture. No matter the technique our practitioners use, you may experience the following benefits:

  • Reduced stress and anxiety

  • Relief from digestive disorders, migraines, and chronic pain

  • Improved blood flow

  • Enhanced mental clarity

  • Better reproductive and overall health

Elevate Your Confidence with Our Postpartum Care

Did you know about 30-70% of new mothers experience lowered self-esteem after childbirth for several reasons? It can cause an array of problems such as depression, degraded relationships, and reduced desire for child nurturing. That’s why, proper postpartum recovery care is necessary to help new moms boost their confidence.

At HealMe, our post-natal healing techniques aim to offer mothers support so they can embrace their new lives confidently. We provide specialised plans to assist them in recovering faster, which involve:

  • Postpartum Massage Therapy

    Our remedial treatments can help your aching muscles relax and decrease swelling. It may also be effective if you’re feeling stressed or anxious.

  • Guidance on Nutrition

    We understand that a healthy diet has a huge impact on a mother’s and infant’s health. That’s why, our personalised diet plan can ensure they receive adequate nutrition.

  • Emotional Counselling

    Emotional well-being is another essential factor you mustn’t ignore during normal delivery or c-section recovery care. Our counselling sessions may help you manage your emotions that are greatly triggered after childbirth.

Why Choose HealMe for Health and Beauty Treatment?

When selecting a health and skin care clinic in Hawthorn, you need to consider several factors. The experience and qualifications of their professionals are one of them. Moreover, ensure that the facility has the latest tools to perform various laser facial treatments.

HealMe is a well-known clinic that offers a personalised therapy plan to help patients look and feel better. Some of our popular skin resurfacing procedures include:

  • Laser treatment for hair removal

  • Classic Facial

  • Facial massage

  • Laser treatment to remove pigmentation

Contact Us for Microneedling Treatment in Hawthorn

Did you know microneedling is also a popular method to help improve your complexion besides laser skin treatment? The damage caused by thin needles in your skin’s top layer during the process can help stimulate its healing process. As a result, this treatment aids in increasing the production of collagen and elastin.

Though this procedure might be effective, it requires a professional with hands-on experience to avoid side effects. That’s where HealMe comes in as one of the best clinics for microneedling treatment in Hawthorn. If you’re ready to elevate your skin’s appearance, call us on 03 9686 6686. You can also email us at healmecenter@gmail.com to book your appointment.

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