Ken Uzzell has been servicing the Complementary, and Physical Therapy health care industries since 1995. His experience and skills assists hundreds of people achieve relief from pain and restriction, speeding up recovery and boosting vitality levels.

He has been trained in the modalities listed on and holds Diplomas and Certifications in Remedial and Wholistic massage, Myofascial Trauma Release and the original and advanced Bowen/Bowtech techniques along with other Bowen techniques that have been developed that provide value. Ken also studies and uses Traditional Chinese Cupping, Trigger Point Therapy, Acupressure therapy and meridian an polarity balancing therapies. Blending the best of the East and West therapies to provide you with valued results.

Ken is a certified facilitator of PSYCH-K (Kinetic Psychology) and assists clients change negative belief habits that have been sabotaging their lives.

Ken is also a certified nutritionist and provides consultations regarding diet and supplements to aid you avoid chronic diseases and help in over-coming chronic diseases.

Refunds from some private health fund insurers are available.

Services From 1st June 2010

Ken takes bookings 6 days a week (Monday to Saturday) and see clients from morning till night.

If your having a difficult time with finances, then give me a call (02) 9456-5003 and I can work a special fee for you that will put a smile on your face and lighten up your day.

Wholistic Massage one hour $60
A deeper level of relaxation and de-stressing is achieved – Specific problem areas receive extra work to ensure a positive response. Lymphatic Drainage work performed if needed will help restore vitality and energy.

Wholistic Massage one & half hours $80
Quite an uplifting and rejuvenating experience. Many clients enjoy a monthly full tone and check-up to keep at peak condition. Regular Wholistic Massage adds many healthy years onto your life.

Bowen Therapy. Most sessions take around 30 minutes ($40)
Corrects and treats many skeletal and muscular disorders, producing balance muscular toning with a state of deep relaxation and improved wellness.

Pensioner and Student Discounts Available
Ring (02) 9456-5003 for discount fees and appointment.

Payments can be made by cash, cheque, EFTPOS, and credit cards on the day of your appointment.All prices include GST.